Window Awnings & shade products specialist

Truck Shade Sails Style Shade Sails is a locally owned and operated family business dedicated to supplying the highest quality window awnings and shade products in the Cairns and selected areas of Tablelands regions. We are community focused and proud to support many local charities, sporting teams and businesses. Our shade sails simply stand out from the rest. Why? Our sails are made to measure and designed specifically for your unique purpose. Unlike some other sails, Style Shade Sails are strong, taught and durable. They are not floppy and will not hold pools of water that will eventually damage or weaken your shade sail as many inferior products do. Our sails are designed with the consideration of your environment, water run- off and the practical use of the shade sail in mind. We only use the highest quality turnbuckles, sail track, stainless steel and of course, only the best fabrics in your choice of Waterproof and UV Resistant materials. Style Shade Sails are a premium product and a cost effective way to beautify your area, create an extra car parking space, provide shade for your pool and out-door areas and much more. Our wide range of colours combined with the durability of our premium shade products ensures the longevity of our shade sails and guarantees you many years of sun safe enjoyment. When you purchase shade sails or awnings through us, we will work with you to design a shade sail most suited for your purpose. You can choose the fabric and select from the wide range of modern colours we have to offer. We will manage the set-up, manufacture and installation of your sail, perfectly suited to your style and size specifications, whatever your residential, commercial or industrial requirements. We are also a service agent for the two leading industry manufacturing companies, Rainbow Shade and Mehler Shade. Style Shade Sails are carefully manufactured with pride by our local family team at Edmonton in Cairns to ensure that you receive the highest quality long lasting product available. We would welcome the opportunity to come to your home or business and give you creative advice on designing and installing a shade sail that is perfect for you and your area. For a quote to find out how Style Shade Sails can enhance your property, school or business: Contact Peter today.